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Introducing Tash

Hi, I am Tash, the proud owner of Paws Parlour Dog Grooming Services. I found my niche 10 years ago grooming my own dog. Zak. who is now 18 years old and has recently been joined by Wilson.

I was originally contracted to Tauranga Vets for 3 and a half years and Bayfair Vets for 7 years. I loved working for both vets and gained a lot of experience.I felt it was time in my career to commence working for myself and began my business operating Paws Parlour from home.

The grooming of each dog takes approximately an hour enabling me to pamper to the individual needs of your beloved fur baby and gain their trust, making the experience enjoyable for all concerned.

I will text you to advise when grooming is completed and ready for you to take home. In the meantime, your fur baby can exercise and play in my fenced yard until you are able to collect.

You and your fur babies are always welcome at Paws Parlour!!

paws parlour dog grooming services

Reasons for grooming your dog

Grooming is an important part of dog care to keep your dog clean and in good hygienic care. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable.

The main reasons for grooming include decreased chance of various health problems, such as thrush, scratches, and other skin problems.

General cleanliness of the dog and monitoring of the dog's health by checking for cuts, heat, swelling, lameness, or changes in temperament, all of which could be indicative of illness. Regular dog grooming reduces the infestation load of external parasites on skin.

Contact Tash at Paws Parlour now to pamper your puppy! Business hours are Monday to Friday and every second Saturday.

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dog grooming, washing & bathing, hair removal, nail trimming

Paws Parlour Testimonials

What our clients have to say

dog grooming mount maunganui, dog trimming tauranga

10 January 2023

We have used a number of groomers over the years. We moved to Papamoa in 2019 and were recommended to try Tash by friends and have used her ever since. Tash without doubt has been the best groomer the dogs have ever had and we would never go anywhere else.

Tash is:
• 100% reliable
• 10 out 10 for the best grooming.
• The dogs love her (and get treats when groom done)
• Tash is very friendly and very punctual.

When looking for a groomer there are plenty of options out there however, what more could you ask for and for these reasons we recommend putting Tash at the top of your list.

Jenni and Jim Ellis

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1 July 2023

Natasha from Paws Parlour has been cutting my Labradoodle “Ollie” for over 10 years and I couldn’t be happier with her as both a groomer and a lover of dogs.

The best judge of Natasha's character would be Ollie himself as when we pull up outside and he knows where we are heading he races straight in and runs up for his big cuddle.

The care, expertise, and professionalism shown through from the pre cut discussion on what is to be done, to the outcome expected.

Thanks TASH for Ollie X

Sally Ellis

paws parlour mount maunganui, dog grooming, dog grooming tauranga, dog grooming mount maunganui

2 February 2023

Shelby and Murphy are always excited to go see Tash because she treats them with the same love and care that they are used to and are always relaxed and calm after their groom.

They have been going to Tash for 5 years now and her grooming has always been on point. Tash has always been professional; her business is clean and her communication always prompt. I highly recommend Tash for dog grooming.

Theresa R.

dog grooming mount maunganui, dog trimming tauranga

24 March 2019

As a long-haired, double-coat breed, the German Spitz needs careful and frequent grooming. Our dog, Spooky, receives excellent treatment and expert care from Natasha, especially for his shorter summer trim. He responds well to her kindness. As always he looks immaculate after each session!"

Kind regards
Val Gyde

pet grooming, dog trimming, dog wash, dog washing,

25 May 2018

'Tash has been grooming Oprah for a few years now.
Oprah loves her and she comes home from Tash looking so pretty.
She feels so smooth and smells lovely for at least 2 weeks after!

Tash is professional and always on time. The other dogs who I see leave her also look perfectly groomed. Why would I take my precious pooch anywhere else!

Bobbie (Oprah's mum)

paws parlour mount maunganui, dog grooming, dog grooming tauranga, dog grooming mount maunganui

4 April 2018

'Sammy our golden retriever loves going to Tash for a groom and pedicure and usually goes in looking like an old and tired dog with her winter coat on and comes bouncing back out like a very happy young puppy with her new much cooler hair-do! We totally recommend Tash & Paws Parlour's services.'

Kirsty and Aaron

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1 September 2023

I am writing to express my appreciation for your exceptional grooming services for my Miniature Schnauzer, Tia. Over the past 3 years, you have consistently provided outstanding care and attention to Tia's grooming needs.

Your gentle and patient approach has made a remarkable difference in her grooming experience. Tia comes home looking beautifully groomed and, more importantly, relaxed and content.

Your personalized attention to Tia's specific requirements has not gone unnoticed, this speaks volumes about the dedication and consistency of care you provide. I appreciate your willingness to listen to any concerns I might have and your ability to adapt the grooming process to Tia's unique needs.

Your professionalism and evident passion for what you do have made Paws Parlour my go-to choice for grooming. I have recommended your services to other dog owners and will continue to do so with the utmost confidence.

Thank you once again for your exceptional service Tash. Tia and I look forward to her continued grooming sessions under your expert care.

Kind Regards
Angela Williams

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1 June 2012

I have been using Paws Parlour over the last two years to have our little dog Benji groomed and am extremely pleased with Natasha's high quality and reliable service. She is fantastic and is always willing to clip Benji as requested clipping nails, cleaning ears and going the extra mile.

I have found Natasha to be courteous and alweays listens to my requests on how I like Benji clipped. Benji is always pleased to be in her care and never shows any signs of being nervous or upset.

I can highly recommend Paws Parlour.

Annette Patchett

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5 August 2012

Tash has been grooming our Cavoodle Cassie since we got here as a puppy in May 2010. We would not take her anywhere else as we are more than happy with the fantastic service Tash offers.

We enjoy exceptional rates and flexible times in which we can have Cassie groomed; which is great considering my busy lifestyle. Tash listens and does exactly as we ask of her as well as offering her expertise.

Thanks Tash!

Raelene Flay
Tel: 07 542 3630
Fax: 07 542 3631
Mobile: 021 771 98

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Thanks Tash for the wonderful service!

Tash has groomed my dogs for over 12 months. I have Spencer (Maltese x Bichon) and Max (Maltese). It has been such a great relief to have someone personally care of my dogs. Spencer is an older dog and likes life in the slow lane so the one on one care really works for him.

Max is a very nervy wee fella and gets scared of alot of noise around. So the tranquil one on one time with Tash has made such a difference to him. Tash has taken special time to build trust with Max so he also enjoys the time getting his grooming done.

Thanks Tash for your wonderful grooming service.

Nicola Dowdall
(Max and Spencer's Mum)

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You & your fur babies are always welcome at Paws Parlour!!